Japan Olympic Museum Online Tickets

Policy of Reservation

On this site, you can reserve the time and date to enter the Japan Olympic Museum.
Admission is by time and date based on our capacity and people leaving the museum. Reservations are required for all guests, including those admitted free of charge.

Updated Ticketing Procedure:
* All reservations must be made online. Reservations cannot be made by phone.info@jom-ticket.com
* A maximum of 60 people can enter the museum every 30 minutes.
* The viewing time is less than one hour.
Reservations are accepted according to the schedule below.
Application date June 23 to September 30
->Reservations will start from June 22.
Application date: October 1st to December 22nd
->Reservations will start from September 1st.

Updated Entry Requirements:
* When you visit, please show the staff the email screen or QR code for your reservation.
* You must show this to enter the museum.

* Please pay the admission fee at the window when entering the museum.

Please note the following:
1.An Order Confirmation Email will be sent after you complete your purchase. Please ensure you can receive emails from etix.com.info@jom-ticket.com
2.Please note that we may cancel your reservation if there is a clear overlap such as multiple applications with the same name.
3.Please make sure all people are in the same room. Even if you are in the same group, you will need a reservation if your visiting time is different.
4.Wear a mask during your visit.
5.Sanitize your hands prior to viewing the exhibitions with the alcohol spray provided or by washing your hands.
6.Do not enter the Museum if you have a fever, cough or other symptoms that indicate an illness.
7.All visitors and staff are subject to temperature screening upon entry. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5℃ (99.5℉) or higher will not be allowed in the Museum.
8.If you have stayed in a restricted area under the Immigration Control Act within the past 14 days, you will not be allowed to enter the building.
9.If it is found that an infected person has entered the hall, we will cooperate with hearings of public institutions such as public health centers. When contact information is requested, we will not contact you in advance. Please note that the name and contact information (email address, etc.) provided at the time of booking may be provided to such public institutions.

Cancel Policy:
Tickets cannot be changed or cancelled.

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